UK Dogging, It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully in the previous articles you have learned more about UK dogging and the lifestyle. Dogging has become extremely popular with people of all ages, sizes, shapes, color and sexual orientation. Some people view dogging as a once in a lifetime thing, while others view dogging as a lifestyle. It is all a matter of […]

UK Dogging And The Law

When you participate in the UK dogging lifestyle, you will need to be aware of what laws applies to the lifestyle and how you can avoid getting into trouble with the law. This article will talk about the various aspects of the law in regards to the law within the United Kingdom. Dogging is not […]

Dogging Etiquette

There are certain dogging etiquette rules you should closely follow when actively participating in dogging in the UK. These rules and etiquette are set in place to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience. As always, safety is of utmost concern in all areas of dogging, you should always be aware of […]

After The UK Dogging Meet

When the time has come to end the UK dogging meet, and we hope, it was an enjoyable encounter for everyone involved. There are a few things that typically go with ending the meet in the proper manner, such as cleaning up the area, keeping in touch, leaving, and talking. Again, as if we have not stated […]

During The UK Dogging Meet

When the time has come for you to attend a UK dogging meet regardless of rather you have set it up or you are just chancing that you will find someone, there are several things you should be aware of during the meet. Again, safety is an issue; keep yourself safe and your valuables. Avoid […]

Before The UK Dogging Meet

There are various things you should be aware of regarding UK dogging meets. This article will detail the things you should do before the dogging meet. Everyone who is a part of the dogging lifestyle has different ideas and expectations regarding the outcome. For example, some couples just want to be watched, while other couples […]

Where To Find Dogging In The UK?

With the popularity of the dogging lifestyle soaring at great speed, many people are wondering where you can find dogging in the UK. Well, there are many various places that you can either happen upon the lifestyle in progress or do some researching and setting up meets. The internet has opened up a vast new […]

How Did UK Dogging Begin?

Though the term may seem relatively new to you, dogging has actually been around for many years. Dogging was first noted back in the 1970’s as an activity generally enjoyed by single men. Of course the single men had to have something to watch, which turned out to be couples in search of a private […]

Dogging Defined

Dogging is a British term and activity that includes various forms of outdoor sexual encounters. These encounters take place in various areas such as vast wooded areas and car parks, typically in a public place or semi-public place. The term dogging originally began in the early 1970’s, the term was used to define men who […]

Introduction To Dogging

Dogging basically means recreational sexual encounters that go on in various public places that include car parks and other out of the way spots. Generally, the “dogger” is watching the encounters take place either by hiding and being unseen or by being up close and personal, perhaps even being invited to join in on the […]