How Did UK Dogging Begin?

Though the term may seem relatively new to you, dogging has actually been around for many years. Dogging was first noted back in the 1970’s as an activity generally enjoyed by single men. Of course the single men had to have something to watch, which turned out to be couples in search of a private spot to engage in sexual activities. The term dogging actually arose because the men would essentially “dog” the couples and their movements in an attempt to get a better view of the activities.

The term has also been described, as coming from an excuse men would typically give their families as an explanation for being away from home “walking the dog”, or to law enforcement officials when they were asked why they were in a specific area. Because swinging became a popular form of sexual encounters dogging also became extremely popular. Many couples enjoy the excitement of knowing someone is watching them, as well as occasionally joining in on the dogging encounters.

In the beginning, dogging was originally viewed as a heterosexual activity, however, as time went on, it was found to share many common attributes with “cruising”. Cruising is a term used to describe sexual activity by a gay man or bisexual man, where they essentially cruised the woods, parks and other various areas to find sexual encounters with other men.

In the UK dogging lifestyle of today, many doggers share their dogging locations with that of “cruisers”. It has become increasingly common that doggers will encounter cruisers and vice versa. Dogging has become very popular among bi-sexual males they may be looking to have a sexual encounter with those within the dogging lifestyle or will cruise for encounters with other men.

The media has taken a great interest in the lifestyle of dogging as of late. This attention has been of great notoriety because not so long ago a headline reportedly encountered a famous football player taking part within dogging activities. Of course, this was headline news and since then the media has focused greatly on this lifestyle. Prior to this dogging was hidden from the limelight. A very secret lifestyle, which people enjoyed.

In today’s society, it is rare now for a couple to attend a dogging location without the possibility of being confronted with large groups of men eager to watch the performance. There are tips and etiquette that should be followed with diligence when taking an active part in the dogging lifestyle. At one point, dogging was nothing more than enjoying a sexual encounter with the knowledge that someone was watching. More and more the watchers or doggers, make themselves apparent and watch from a closer point of view. Even being asked by others involved in dogging to participate.

With the ever growing risk of sexual transmitted diseases it is important not to tread lightly on the issue, and demand that safe sex practices always be considered a must. Safe sex along with personal safety should be on the forefront of ever doggers minds. Many dogging locations in the UK have now become an area for illegal activities and for muggings, robberies and even rape. Be sure to keep constant vigilance at all times.
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