After The UK Dogging Meet

When the time has come to end the UK dogging meet, and we hope, it was an enjoyable encounter for everyone involved. There are a few things that typically go with ending the meet in the proper manner, such as cleaning up the area, keeping in touch, leaving, and talking. Again, as if we have not stated this enough, safety should be a concern. We realize that I have probably stated this many times over the last few articles, however, in this day in age, it should be a top priority to you.

When you are ending your UK dogging meet, you will only need to say thank you to everyone who participated. It will not need to be a long and drawn out process; they will essentially get the hint and say their goodbyes promptly. If you have had a pleasant encounter with a particular person and you would like to see them again or meet them another time, you can talk with them a little bit and maybe give them you cell phone number or email address. It is all about personal choices.

You should make sure to clean up the dogging location when you have finished. It is important to remember that these are generally public, areas such as picnic or camping locations. You should dispose of any condoms or tissues in a trash receptacle or take them with you. It is not wise to litter the area with any of those items or any items period. First of all, they are unsightly and will not look very appealing to family and it could lead to the dogging location being closed during the night.

Again, if you want to keep in touch with those you have encounters with at a dogging location, you should have “business” cards made up that contain contact information that you want to give out. These “business” cards should contain you and your partners first name, a common email address you share or an email address for both partners and you could include you cell phone number. It is not wise to include your address, home telephone number or last names as these are identifying information and many like to keep this aspect of their lives to themselves and away from family and friends.

Another safety precaution is to not go directly home after the dogging meet. Drive around or take turns you do not normally take. Ensure that no one is following you home after the dogging meet. You do not want anyone knowing where you live it defeats the purpose of the dogging location in the first place.

Finally, when you have ended your dogging meet and have arrived home you and your partner will be excited to discuss all the events that have happened. This is an excellent time talk about your feelings and excitement of the events. Talk with your partner about what you liked and disliked about the experience. This will help in keeping your relationship safe and enjoyable, as this is the most important aspect of your life and should come before dogging at all times.

In the following article we will be discussing the proper etiquette in the dogging lifestyle.

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