Dogging Etiquette

There are certain dogging etiquette rules you should closely follow when actively participating in dogging in the UK. These rules and etiquette are set in place to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience. As always, safety is of utmost concern in all areas of dogging, you should always be aware of your safety and the safety of others involved in the UK dogging lifestyle.

Here are some rules and dogging etiquette you should remember and follow during all your experiences in dogging.

  • Practice safe sex and always use a condom. You should consider purchasing a large amount of condoms and be willing to pass them out to whomever you involve in your encounters. Practicing safe sex while involved in dogging will guard you from diseases and unwanted pregnancy. You should also keep in mind that just because a person carries himself well, does not necessarily mean they do not have any form of sexually transmitted disease.
  • Consider investing in a large amount of lubrication. KY jelly or any other type of lubrication helps everyone involved enjoy the encounter. Dogging should be enjoyable for everyone who is participating. You can pass out small packets of lubrication with the condoms.
  • Especially for females, be aware of your personal limits and take everything slowly. You should not be afraid to tell a male that is taking things too far to back away. No person can enjoy their activities if you are too timid to tell when your limits have been pushed.
  • In regards to couples, it is important that the two of you talk about what you expect out of your dogging experience, and what your intentions are. Set your ground rules, you should also create a single or word that you can use if a problem occurs.
  • The follow dogging tips will focus on personal safety. Yes, we know you are probably down right tired of see the word safety, but it is impossible for us to stress the importance of it otherwise.
  • The internet is a great way to set up dogging meets and find other interesting doggers. However, you should practice caution and use common sense at all times when it comes to the internet and those you meet upon it. NEVER reveal any personal or identifying information about yourself.
  • Dogging generally takes place in places that are away from the public; however, your location should not be so far away that you would be unable to obtain help fast if the need should arise. Additionally, know your surrounding of the dogging meet location, ensure that there are a minimum of two exit areas available and that you are well aware of where they are located.
  • Many people choose to adopt a name especially for dogging, this helps them protect their name and other identity information.
  • For females, you must always bring with you a male partner or friend to any dogging event; they should be a close friend or life partner that has interest in your protection. You can avoid being ambushed at a dogging meet by refraining from announcing the exact location and time of the dogging meet throughout the internet. This means forums and bulletin boards. The only things you should be posting are the general area and what your interest are, those interested in your dogging meet can then contact you for details and you will have the ability to be choosy in who you invite.
  • Avoid having dogging meets in places where there are illegal or dangerous actions occurring such as drug dealing or prostitution. Both of those activities can be dangerous at all times, so it is important to secure a location that is safe for everyone.
  • This has been stated before, and we are going to state it again, safely secure all your valuables. Items such as wallet, purse, or cellular phone need to be locked within the trunk or glove box, for safe keeping, You should also keep your car keys within your pockets at all moments throughout your dogging experience.
  • When the dogging meet has ended and it is time for you to leave, avoid going directly home, use this opportunity to grab a bite to eat or drive around and discuss the experience with your partner.
  • For those new to the UK dogging lifestyle, things can get a little confusing or you may not know where to begin. Use the following to help you enjoy your dogging experience and gain the most out of it.
  • Use the internet to your advantage, check out various online dogging communities and find out all you can about the lifestyle and how it works.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions, in general many people will be willing to offer you guidance and advice. It is important to be polite and sincere in your efforts to gain more information about dogging.
  • It is also important to keep you personal safety in mind, use common sense and caution when you decide to meet someone off the internet. Avoid letting yourself be taken advantage of.
  • If you have the opportunity to meet an experienced dogger on the internet, you should grab the chance and allow them to teach you all about dogging and the lifestyle.
  • Another important thing to bear in mind is that gay men also attend dogging meets and locations. If this bothers you, be polite and inform them you are not gay or avoid the location. Rudeness is not tolerated within the lifestyle of dogging.
  • When you are new to the dogging lifestyle, you may not always locate what you are looking for the first time around, but you should keep trying.

In the next article, we will discuss UK Dogging And The Law, when enjoying the lifestyle you should be aware of all laws that pertain to it.

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