Before The UK Dogging Meet

There are various things you should be aware of regarding UK dogging meets. This article will detail the things you should do before the dogging meet. Everyone who is a part of the dogging lifestyle has different ideas and expectations regarding the outcome. For example, some couples just want to be watched, while other couples may want you to participate. You should at all times be aware of what each other wants and expects from the encounter.

First you should talk to the people you intend to meet with, especially if this is your first dogging encounter. If you are the “watcher” then you should talk with the couple and explain what you are wanting to gain from the encounter. It is entirely too easy to be confused about the encounter and how far each party is willing to go. If you want to actively participate in the encounter you need to make the couple aware of your intentions. This will allow them to either agree or disagree, you never want to go into the dogging meet unaware and exceed the boundary limits.

If you are on the other end of the spectrum, and are the couple “performing” then you need to speak with the other party involved and find out their expectations regarding the dogging meet. You should at the same time let them know your expectations and limits. It is very important not to allow yourself to be talked into something you do not feel comfortable in doing. If you are simply performing with your partner and the other person is only to watch, state this and be firm in your decision. If you will allow the other party to participate, let them know the terms in which they are able to participate and let them know that they are in no way to be pushed or broken.

Safety is the biggest issue, both people want to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Often times if the first UK dogging meet is a pleasurable experience, it is likely you can expect more meets from the same people, making it somewhat of a ritual of sorts.

Both parties should come prepared with needed essentials such as wipes, condoms and the like. It is important that both parties consider this and be prepared. Occasionally one can forget to bring any of the items, and if the other has brought them, it makes for an easier dogging meet. Again, you should always be concerned with safety, and you should not participate in the dogging lifestyle, if you intend on having sexual intercourse with another person (other than your steady partner), without practicing safe sex.

If you want to set up a meet, you can visit a location where dogging is generally practiced or visit one of the many internet sites pertaining to dogging and advertise your interest. Simply post the area in which you are interested in meeting other dogging participants and when , then ask them to email you to find out more information about the meet. It will be easier this way than posting all the information on the web where anyone and everyone can just show up. Practice safety, yet again, and have them email you, this will ensure you can have your choice of those you want to attend or participate.

Yes, we have repeated over and over again the need for safety. Safety should be of utmost importance to everyone involved in the dogging lifestyle. The safety and comfort of yourself and other participants should be first and foremost in everyone’s mind.

The next article in the dogging series dicusses everything you should know during a dogging meet.

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