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Hopefully in the previous articles you have learned more about UK dogging and the lifestyle. Dogging has become extremely popular with people of all ages, sizes, shapes, color and sexual orientation. Some people view dogging as a once in a lifetime thing, while others view dogging as a lifestyle. It is all a matter of preference and choices.

In the first article, Introduction to UK Dogging, you discovered an introduction to dogging which was in general a run down of the articles to follow. It was meant to give you a basic overview of what to expect from the articles to follow, within the dogging series.

In the second article, you discovered the definition of dogging and how the name came to pass. You learned what to look for and expect within the lifestyle of dogging. Many people are unaware of what it contains and by fully educating yourself in all aspects of dogging you can better prepare yourself for the encounter.

In article number three, there was interesting information on how dogging UK first began. Way back in the 70’s, (hey that is not TOO long ago), it was a term used to describe men who went to various areas with the intent to watch couples perform sexual acts. This is still true of today’s generation of doggers. Except for now days, dogging participants often join together in various sexual acts.

Onto number four, you were able to read on the various places throughout the internet you can find information on dogging, forums and dogging locations. There are many places throughout the internet, which contain forums where other dogging participants often post information that pertains to dogging meets and other encounters. Many of these websites also have a large list of dogging locations, some with directions to the specific location.

In article number five, we discussed things you should know and be aware of before attending a dogging meet. This included various things you should do to ensure you safety and the ability to control the situation and setting limits. I have repeatedly said that safety should be the foremost thing on your mind when you are attending a dogging meets and I stand by that assertion. Maintain a safe and healthy encounter for all dogging participants.

For article number six, we also discussed steps and items you should be aware of during the UK dogging meet. With the same respect to article number five, this article shows you various things to be watchful and aware of.

In article number seven, is the final article in the before, during and after series. This article pertains to things that should occur after attending a dogging meet. Including, keeping in contact, cleaning up the area and saying goodbyes.

In article number eight, we discuss the rules and etiquette that pertain to dogging activities. There are many different rules and etiquette to be aware of, and I did not even touch base with all of them. Fully research all aspects of dogging to know how you are expected to behave on both the watcher side and the other end of the spectrum for the performers.

With article number nine, we discussed how the laws and dogging work together. It is very important that you be aware of any laws that could pertain to the dogging lifestyle, to protect yourself.

All of this ends with this article. It is our sincere hope that you have learned a lot about the swinging lifestyle. Again, the UK dogging lifestyle is meant to be an enjoyable experience. Often times, people you encounter at a meet, will become lifelong friends. It is important to be polite and sincere when approaching another dogger, avoid conflict by knowing limits and at ALL times practice safety on every level.

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