Where To Find Dogging In The UK?

With the popularity of the dogging lifestyle soaring at great speed, many people are wondering where you can find dogging in the UK. Well, there are many various places that you can either happen upon the lifestyle in progress or do some researching and setting up meets. The internet has opened up a vast new world for those that are interested in dogging and has allowed participants to arrange dogging meets, encounters and find locations with the simple click of a mouse button.

There are various spots on the internet that will aid you in your search for UK dogging locations. We will attempt to do your research for you and help point you in the right direction. We have searched the span of the internet, with the help of trusty old google and found various sites that contain information on dogging location, as well as forums and bulletins.

Dogging Web Sites

Dogging Locations:

  • Swinging Heaven – provides a map and search area specific for searching for dogging locations based on county.
  • Swingers Cave – provides a full and fascinating forum for everyone interested in the dogging lifestyle. It is current and active, please make sure you read their rules regarding posts prior to posting.


There are many different yahoo groups that exist, geared directly towards the dogging lifestyle and doggers here are a few of them.

Forums and Bulletins:

As always, please use common sense and care when using any of these sites or their forums. Do not disclose any personal information about your identity or the location in which you live. Refrain from posting detailed information about dogging meets on any forum, leave only generalized information and you can then decide to whom you want to give the rest of the details to.

All of these sites are intended for adults over the age of 18 years of age, and should not be viewed, visited or used by any minor under that age. Please always show respect to others and use the forums for their intended purposes.

The next article in the dogging series dicusses everything you should know before a dogging meet.

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