During The UK Dogging Meet

When the time has come for you to attend a UK dogging meet regardless of rather you have set it up or you are just chancing that you will find someone, there are several things you should be aware of during the meet. Again, safety is an issue; keep yourself safe and your valuables. Avoid unwanted contact or visitors and be precise in what you want and do not want.

If at all possible, try to avoid taking any valuables with you to the meet. Not everyone is trustworthy, so it is better to just leave all valuables at home. In the case of women and their purses, handbags, and wallets, before you arrive lock them inside the trunk for safekeeping. You are there to enjoy yourself, you do not want someone taking off with your valuables or reaching inside your purse and snatching your money, credit cards or other identifying information.

It is important to keep your car doors locked during the UK dogging meet until you feel comfortable to do otherwise. Doing so will prevent unwanted contact as well as leaving you in control of the entire situation. You should never be in a position where you feel out of control. If you lock your doors and just allow other dogging participants to watch, you can simply leave if it should get out of hand.

For females, if you are ever in the situation where you are confronted by too many males, the best thing for you to do is to simply ask them to give you your space. If you make it clear that they need to back off, most of the doggers will do so without any confrontation. Others may present a problem, if you ever encounter a male that will not give you your space or listen to your request, you should immediately announce that you are leaving as a result of this man. Most men within the dogging lifestyle are respectful and are only there for a good time and will appreciate and adhere to your request. When a man threatens to spoil their good time because he is unwilling to listen, often times they will help you in removing the trouble maker.

Of course, if any dogging meet ever becomes too much for you to handle you have the ability to drive away from the situation. Never let yourself get to the point of losing control over any situation.

Here is another tip for females that participate in the dogging lifestyle. All women love to dress sexy and naughty. The key to dressing for a UK dogging meet is to dress sexy, but in clothing that can be easily removed! 😉

When searching for a sexy shirt, top or blouse, choose one that can be removed without hassle. Some women prefer a crop jacket with a zipper or a tube top, either one if properly fitting can make for very sexy tops that are easily lost if the occasion arises. For your bottom half, many women feel sexy in short skirts without underwear. Throw in a pair of thigh high stockings and you have a perfectly sexy, yet easily accessible outfit.

When it comes to shoes, be sensible in regards to the area in which the dogging meet takes place. Avoid high heels and remember that boots are sexy and practical. Other advice I have for women, is do not wear earrings, they can be ripped out in the heat of the moment, come prepared with a blanket, KY Jelly (you never know) and wet wipes, these are all in addition to the general things like condoms.

The next article in the dogging series dicusses everything you should know after a dogging meet.

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