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Dogging is a British term and activity that includes various forms of outdoor sexual encounters. These encounters take place in various areas such as vast wooded areas and car parks, typically in a public place or semi-public place. The term dogging originally began in the early 1970’s, the term was used to define men who enjoyed spying on couples having outdoor sexual intercourse. Essentially, dogging meant the men that were spying, would “dog” the moves of the couple in an effort to closely watch their activities.

It was not until swinging became extremely popular that dogging became something of a past time. Swingers opened up a completely new area of fun for doggers, which included more couples or people to watch with various different new encounters. Soon, dogging became something couples looked forward to. The couples even began to encourage doggers to watch them or put on something of a performance just for their viewing. Occasionally the doggers are asked to participate in their activity, which leads to more fun for both the couple and the doggers.

Dogging is not a newly found activity; it has been around for many years. Because of the new technologies, such as cellular phones and the internet it has become easier than ever for those interested in dogging to find areas or couples interested in the art. Some people confuse dogging with swinging. While many of the people involved in dogging are also active swingers, not everyone is involved with swinging. Some couples just choose to perform for an audience to add some spice to their sex lives.

Dogging is such a popular activity because it is fun and forbidden. Most generally people have the desire to watch other couples having sex or be watched while performing sexual activities. UK Doggers are usually middle classed men between the ages of thirty and fifty, although many doggers can be older or younger, married or single, there is no specified class of people that participate in dogging. The activity is based upon personal preferences.

There are many places throughout the vast area of the internet that people interested in dogging can search for dogging locations, find other couples, and research their interest and the like. Various forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms and news groups exist for contacting other doggers and arranging meetings or encounters. Many times, you will see posts inviting people to watch or looking for couples interested in performing in a specific area.

You will of course want to partake in activities in a legal manner and avoid being prosecuted for any activity. Within the United Kingdom, they have laws against public sexual activity; however, they seem to be more interested in protection of the unwilling witnesses subjected to the activity. Even though dogging generally contains willing witnesses, if someone makes a complaint against you, you could be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It is wise to fully investigate the areas in which you are interested, and seek advice from other people that participate in dogging in the UK. Of course dogging is supposed to be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, make sure you do your part in keeping it that way.

In the next article, we will discuss how dogging began and how it has grown throughout the years.

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