Introduction To Dogging

Dogging basically means recreational sexual encounters that go on in various public places that include car parks and other out of the way spots. Generally, the “dogger” is watching the encounters take place either by hiding and being unseen or by being up close and personal, perhaps even being invited to join in on the fun. Some couples like to participate in their activities behind the comforts of a locked door of their car and others enjoy being out in the wide-open where anyone and everyone can join in if they choose to. This is all about preferences, whether you want orgy type of encounters, threesomes or just enjoy people watching you have sex with your partner.

As stated this article is simply an introduction to dogging the following articles will state more clearly specific categories. The very next article is on a topic will cover what dogging is and who it pertains to. The choice to participate in dogging is simply a personal one that you and your partner will have to make together. If one partner is interested and the other is not, this should not be something you pressure your unwilling partner into. You could show them these articles or various other information throughout the internet and teach them the details about dogging, and thus helping them to understand the lifestyle.

Another article will focus on how dogging began. This article will detail where the lifestyle originated and how it followed throughout history. Dogging is not a relatively new activity, though the term may be new to some people. Watching other people engage in sexual activity has long been something men and women have both enjoyed, as well as the excitement of being watched. It just was not as widely publicized until recent years.

Another fascinating article you can read will be about how to find dogging meets, using the various technologies available to you. The internet has become widely used in people participating in the lifestyle. Meets are often advertised, as well as locations throughout the United Kingdom that have become popular spots for dogging participants.

One very important aspect and article on dogging is one involving dogging and the law. Various laws exist in regards to public nudity and sexual acts. One thing you will certainly want to do is read this article and familiarize yourself with the various laws and ordinances to avoid finding yourself in hot water with the law enforcement.

This category also includes an article on Etiquette On Dogging, yes there is etiquette on how you should act and what you should do. These are important to follow to ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable and respected during the entire dogging encounter. Obviously, if you want the couple to meet with you again and vice versa you will need to show respect and full control over yourself.

Read an interesting article on what you should do before a meet. This will help you arrive prepared. As well as an article on what do during a dogging meet and one on what you should do after a dogging meet. The last article of this topic is a wrap up overview that highlights all the information you have read about. All of these articles will help you through you first encounter of dogging and help you better understand the lifestyle. Again, the dogging lifestyle is a personal decision and it should be understood and accepted by everyone you intend to participate with. Go to Dogging Defined.

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